Dublin Through the Artist's Lens

Up-and-coming Irish Artist Simon Prunty has been brave enough to defy the dark and cold hours of early morning, exploring the streets of his native Dublin for us and the Art itself!

Through a series of stunning black and white analogue photographs Simon has caught through his lens major Dublin’s landmarks in a way never seen before, landmarks deeply connected to social movements in Ireland. The GPO (“General Post Office”), Heuston Station and the Government Buildings are sent back in time thanks to the Artist’s technical mastery.

These photographs are parts of a larger project entitled 'Protests Come and Go' which was exhibited in March 2016 in Dublin. Simon’s work has recently been selected for ‘Obscure Street’, an exhibition that is part of the PhotoIreland Festival 2016, Ireland’s International Festival of Photography, to be featured at the In-Spire Galerie in Dublin alongside already established photographers.

Simon Prunty graduated from Dublin’s National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and tutored Trinity College’s students in the Art of analogue photography for the photographic society (DUPA). Don’t hesitate to visit the Artist’s website and Facebook Page and get in touch if you want to know more about Simon’s work and/or order prints.

Simon Prunty, Dublin-based Artist

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