Editing and Proofreading of French Texts

French is my native language and writing is my forte. Which is a good thing when you run a blog in the French language, obviously. I’m also obsessed with details. Spelling and punctuation mistakes bother me. I make a fuss when I see French grammar rules being flouted. I must admit, I am a language perfectionist.

No Word Shall Go Unchecked

Why not put my obsession to good use then? Editing and proofreading French texts has allowed me to use my writing skills while I freely indulge my desire for excellence. Working as a French editor and proofreader couldn’t be more fitting.

Excuse My French (by Celtic Wanderlust) was born.
Freelance Proofreader for Hire


Excuse My French is run by a proofreader with:
  • A formal and certified training in proofreading from École des Métiers de l’Information in Paris,
  • A sound humanities-based education thanks to an academic background in History, Political Science and International Law,
  • Knowledge in html thanks to a diploma in web design,
  • WordPress and SEO expertise acquired through several years of blogging,
  • French/English bilingualism to double-check and correct your translated content,
  • Close to 10 years of operational experience in Tech with the likes of Orange, Google, Facebook and Twitter.

French Editing and Proofreading Services

I work with both individuals and companies. I edit and proofread blogs, press articles, research papers and more.

My work experience and my technical skills led me to specialise in proofreading website content for Tech startups. I can check a translated text against the original in English and make sure that everything is correct. Do you need someone capable of editing texts directly in WordPress? Get in touch!

I offer two levels of services:
  • Proofreading: includes correcting all spelling and punctuation mistakes, all grammatical errors,
  • Editing: includes correcting all spelling and punctuation mistakes, all grammatical errors, but also improving intelligibility, ensuring flow and amending for appropriate tone.
Do not hesitate to get in touch for a quote or to request more information using the form below.

You can also find me on Upwork, the platform for freelancers. Excuse My French has its very own Facebook Page if you want to follow along on social media.
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