You recently created a Facebook Page for your hotel or b&b but you are now overwhelmed by what needs to be done to give it the shine it deserves.

Or worse! You’ve been working at it for days and no matter what you do, your Facebook Page doesn’t translate the hard work you put into your business. It looks messy and unprofessional, the complete opposite of what your business looks like.

Fret not! Help is at hand.

I put together a list of ten simple tips to improve the look and trustworthiness of your Business Page, which is essential if you want to increase your sales.

1. Choose the Right Name

When choosing a name for your Facebook Page, you may want to get it right the first time. If you mess up, you’ll still have the option to change it but Facebook has sometimes shown some reluctance in allowing businesses to update their names. The pressure is on.

Facebook can’t make it any clearer. The social media giant wants the name of your Facebook Page to “match the name of your business”.

Avoid stuffing your page name with a long list of keywords hoping to show higher on Google search results. Your page name will just look spammy and put people off.

Choosing The RIght Name For Your Facebook Page

In fact, keep it simple.

Call your Facebook Page after your hotel or b&b. If your business is not well known, simply add a keyword like “hotel”, “b&b” or “guesthouse” in your title to let the user know what your business is about. 

Kingstown House in Clifden, Ireland, illustrates this strategy perfectly. Landing on this business’s Facebook page, the user knows instantly that Kingstown House is a bed and breakfast. Simple and right on the money

Step 1: To update the name of your Page, go to the About tab and click on Edit in front of your name in the General section.

2. Customize Your URL

Now that you have your name nailed down, your Facebook Business Page needs a user-friendly URL. Look at mine:

Customize Your Facebook Page URL

When creating a Facebook Page, you are assigned an automatically generated URL usually ending with a series of numbers. Needless to say it is ugly, but most of all this URL is not memorable for your customers.

Of course there is a way to change it.

When updating your URL, the same tips apply. It should match the name of your business. And avoid keyword stuffing, you’ll want your URL to be easily remembered or at least recognised by your customers. It will also be more searchable on Facebook and Google.

You can’t add any spaces or underscores in your URL. Period points are allowed though. To enhance readability I would advise to capitalize the words. Don’t worry, users will still find you if they type your URL in lowercase letters.

How To Update Your Hotel Facebook Page Username

Step 2: To update your URL, you need to update what Facebook calls a username. Once in the About tab of your page, you’ll find your username in the General section. Click on Edit in front of your username and update it. Et voilà! Your username is now showing within your customized URL.

3. Pick the Right Category

To increase your chance to be found in internal searches on Facebook, you need to add a category or categories to your Facebook Page.

The category should closely match your business niche. You don’t want to attract visitors by claiming to be something you’re not. Building trust with potential customers starts here.

How To Update Your Hotel Facebook Page Category

Step 3: To add a category to your Page, simply go back to the About tab. You’ll find Category under the General section, and click on Edit.

You won’t be able to create your own categories though. You’ll have to choose one (or more) among those made available to you by Facebook.

4. Add a Quality Cover Photo and Profile Picture

Your cover photo (or “banner”) and your profile picture (also called “avatar”) are two highly visible elements on your Facebook Page. They are the first thing potential customers will see when they land on your Page.

First impressions count so your banner and profile pictures need to attract attention. The right kind of attention, I mean.

There is no definitive rule on what should go in your banner. Think about your hotel’s best feature or selling point. Is that this incredible view over the mountains? The lush garden with the swimming pool? Or the comfy rooms with rustic beams?

Look at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. The historic establishment chose to feature its striking facade to convey a sense of grandeur and exclusivity. 

How To Add A Quality Cover Photo To Your Hotel Facebook Page

If you feel creative, Facebook allows you to add a slideshow or even a video in your banner.

As for your profile picture, you can feature your logo or your contact details. Think about creating a connection with your future customers and showing the team that will serve them. Why not show your own face. Don’t be shy, you might be the greatest asset of your business. 

Whatever you choose to feature in your banner or your avatar, make sure your photos are of good quality. There is nothing more off-putting than a blurry picture. 

To crop my cover photo to the right size so it fits nicely on my Facebook Page, I use free online tools like Canva or Adobe Spark. You don’t need to know anything about design as they are super easy to use. Plus they give you the option to add text to your photos if you want to be more creative.

Last but not least, make sure that your pictures look good both on your computer and your smartphone. Your profile picture might look perfect on your mobile phone but blurry on your laptop. Always double check!

Step 4: To update your cover photo or profile picture, simply hover these elements with your mouse and click on Change Cover or Update.

5. Complete Your Business Information

Many businesses forget to include their contact details and address on their Facebook Page thinking that no one really pays attention to it. 

Providing your contact details has many benefits though. First of all, you immediately appear more trustworthy. It’s as simple as that.

Secondly, your phone number will show on the front page, making it easier for your customers to contact you. Someone is interested in staying at your guesthouse but they might have a question or two before they make up their minds. Make it easy for them to contact you.

Thirdly, your website will be displayed along with your phone number. This is a great opportunity to redirect potential customers to your website where hopefully they’ll book your hotel. 

Complete Your Business Information on Your Hotel Facebook Page

Another benefit of completing your business information is the location map displayed in the About section. See how we can perfectly visualise the location of the Marker Hotel in Dublin below. Location is a key factor in the customer’s decision making process. Let them see where you are if you want them to book with you.

Finally, listing your address on your Facebook Page will allow customers to virtually “check in” at your hotel or b&b and share this information in their status with their connections. This is a great way to get noticed by new customers.

Step 5: Update your business information by simply clicking on Edit Page Info at the top right hand corner of your Page and provide as much contact details as possible for your business.

6. Polish Your About Tab

The About tab on your Page is the place where customers will find all the information they need about your hotel or guesthouse. Make sure to provide as much information as you can.

Polish Your About Tab

Most of all, try to add a short description of your business including keywords you would use to describe your business. Think keywords like “3 stars”, “family-run”, “cosy”, “budget” and so on.

Add your hours. Typically hotels choose the option Always open. You don’t want to create confusion when only a selected set of hours is displayed.

You also have the option to enter any awards your hotel might have won (don’t be humble!) and the date it was founded.

Details on how to get to your business can also be very valuable to your customers. Enter a description in the Public Transit field. 

These are a few of the basic fields you need to fill out to create a positive impression about your business. 

Step 6: Go to your About tab and hover each field you want to edit. Give your visitors all the basic information they might need about your hotel.

7. Add a Call to Action

An interesting feature to implement is the call to action button.

Typically for hotels, it takes the shape of a Book Now button right under the cover photo, encouraging people to interact with your business.

Observe below where the Book Now button shows on the Facebook Page of the Old Waverley Hotel in Edinburgh:

How To Add a Call To Action To Your Hotel Facebook Page

Make sure when adding your call to action button to redirect users to a valid destination, ie your website or your reservation tool.

Step 7: To add a Book Now button to your Page, click on Add a Button below your cover photo and follow the short instructions.

8. Add a Review Tab

A great way to attract new customers is to add reviews to your Facebook Page.

Add A Review Tab To Your Hotel Facebook Page

People want to read reviews before hitting the booking button, it’s now part of every traveller’s decision making process. 

It is also a great way to engage with your customers. Answering reviews, bad or good, is an effective way to build trust. People feel they are listened to and that their opinions matter. Beside people who may want to book can see that you actually care about your visitors.

Reviews also have the benefit to provide valuable feedback to improve your services. Issues you might not have been aware of can now be addressed.

Step 8: To add a Review tab, go to Settings then Templates and tabs. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Add a Tab. Select the Review tab.

9. Use Messenger to Connect with Your Customers

If you are using your personal Facebook profile, you must be familiar with Messenger, Facebook’s messaging app. You might even use it every day to communicate with your friends and loved ones.

The same application is available for Facebook Page and allows any customers to communicate with you. It takes the shape of a Send Message button right under your cover photo just beside your call to action button.

Add To Add Messenger To Your Facebook Page

Enabling private messages on your Page encourages customers to contact your business. This way, prospects can connect with you privately and ask questions they might refrain from sharing publicly. You can then give them the information they need to book a room with you. 

Another important benefit in allowing private messages is a better customer care. Customers may want you to confirm their booking or warn you about their late arrival. Private messages are especially handy if your customers have to communicate private information in order for you to solve their issue.

Step 9: To turn on Messenger for your Page, go to General Settings and Messages. Click on Edit to allow the Send Message button on your Page.

10. Claim Unofficial Pages

This is a weird one. Have you ever searched for your own business on Facebook? And found an actual Page which is not owned by you? 

This can happen. Facebook can sometimes create Pages for people to check in and leave reviews about a business. These Pages are marked as “unofficial” below their cover photo. They are unmanaged and Facebook is just not aware that an official Page (yours!) already exists.  

Fortunately this can be fixed. 

For that you will need to claim the unofficial Page and merge it with yours so you can have complete control over your online presence and reputation on Facebook.

How To Claim Unofficial Pages on Facebook

Step 10: Claim the unofficial Page by clicking on Is this your business? below its cover photo. 

Facebook will then give you the option either to merge it with a Page you manage or to claim and verify it to gain control over it. If you have already created a Page of your own, choose the first option. 

I sincerely hope these simple tips will help you make the best of your hotel’s Facebook Page. It is a great tool to introduce your business to new customers. So give them a great first impression with these few simple steps.

If you require dedicated assistance to take care of your social media channels, feel free to get in touch. I’d be glad to help your business shine on social media.

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