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Hi! My name is Chris(tophe) and I am a Dublin-based travel blogger, originally from France. I’ve spent the last 15 years travelling the Celtic fringe of the world. I lived on the Shetlands Islands, in Cornwall before settling down for good in Ireland a few years back, living the dream… Well, at least my dream.

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Me, in a Nutshell

  • My first language is French, so I apologise in advance for any mistakes I might make while writing this blog in English.
  • I have a degree in History, and I’m happiest when visiting heritage sites.
  • My favourite destinations are off-the-beaten path towns and villages.

The Travel Blog: How It All Started

Stories from the past have always sparked my curiosity. History was naturally one of my favourite subjects in school, and I went on to graduate from university with a degree in History. Facing rather limited job prospects in the field though, I completed my education with a master in Political Science from Sorbonne, Paris’s most historic university.

As I moved to Ireland for work a few years later, the Celtic nations became my playground, travelling extensively from Scotland to Brittany, from Donegal to Wales. My adventures around the westernmost part of Europe inspired me to create Celtic Wanderlust. Reconnecting with my passion for the past (and finally making good use of my degree), Celtic Wanderlust has become a travel blog for history enthusiasts wanting to explore the Celtic world and its heritage.

Travel Blogger in Ireland

Today, I can’t see myself living anywhere else but in these lands of many extremes and contrasts, which have retained a strong identity in a world every day more globalised. So entrenched is my passion for this corner of our planet that I have even undertaken to learn Irish. Progress is slow but progress it is!

I know from studying the subject at university that history can be complex, overwhelming and yes, even boring. But you don’t have to be a history nerd to understand and appreciate the historical significance of a place. In my blog, I hope to provide travellers with clear, accessible and interesting information about the best heritage sites in the area and the local cultures.

Join me on this exciting journey of eye-opening discovery. Beyond cheesy cultural clichés and misconceptions, unearth with me the real stories hiding under old stones for a more authentic and slower travel experience

Why Follow Me?

  • Read first-hand, trustworthy information collected through my own travels — no AI-generated BS.
  • All pictures are original, taken by myself (or my partner); I don’t use stock and heavily processed photos on my travel blog.
  • I’ve been living in Ireland for 10 years, so I know what I am talking about.
  • You won’t find sponsored content on my blog. I always write my honest opinion about the destinations I visit.
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