About Me

Trim Castle

My name is Chris(tophe) and I am a Dublin-based travel blogger, originally from France. I’ve spent the last 10 years travelling the Celtic fringe of the world and I settled down for good in the Emerald Isle a few years back, living the dream… well, at least my dream.

From the Shetland Islands to Brittany, from Cornwall to Donegal, I’ve visited the lands of this Ancient people called the Celts. I can’t see myself living anywhere else but in these lands of many extremes and contrasts which have retained a strong identity in a world every day more globalised. So entrenched is my passion for this corner of our planet that I have even undertaken to learn Irish. Progress is slow but progress it is!

I was often told that my travel destinations where ‘unusual’. “Snowdonia? The Aran Islands? Where is that?” So if you are looking for inspiration for your next holiday, I hope that my travel experience will excite your curiosity for the Celtic world. I will also bring you some good tips to enjoy your time under our sky and suggest outdoors activities for those feeling more adventurous.

I hope this blog will give you fresh and innovative ideas and turn you into Celtic enthusiasts! Enjoy! And thanks for reading.


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