Dunes in Brittany, France

Brittany, or “la Bretagne!” as the locals proudly announce, is not all about the food. I know, I can’t resist the sweet smell of bakeries every time I return to this exquisite part of France but let’s not talk about my addiction to buttery almond croissants (with melting chocolate inside) and crepes…

Even after the union of the Duchy of Brittany with the Kingdom of France in 1532, Brittany has never stopped nurturing and promoting its very own cultural identity.

For visitors it means weird place names with a lot of K’s, architectural uniqueness and historical beauties in every town and village, music festivals where traditional and modern music collide. And of course, culinary exploits that send you home with some extra weight around the waist.

Sprinkle on top of it some breathtaking views over a very diverse coastline enjoyed by hikers, surfers, beach-goers and lighthouse climbers like myself, and you will want to come back over and over again.


The Latest About Brittany

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